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Aligoté, 2016, Satigny-Chouilly, AOC Genève

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Regular price 19.50 CHF Price 18.00 CHF

Aligoté is a grape that comes straight from Burgundy region in France. Ours is very lightly scented on the fruit, with moderate acidity. It is very suitable for any afterwork or aperitif, and goes well with deli platters, cheese or tapas.Bottle - 75 cl

Gamedio, Galotta, 2016, Sopraceneri, Monte Carasso (TI), IGP, Suisse Italienne

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Price 31.50 CHF

The Galotta is a hybrid of Gamay and Ancellotta, the latter being a black cherry-colored grape, which brings the dark red color to the Galotta. To drastically reduce phytosanitary wine treatments, this Galotta is mix of a variety of red grapes resistant to grape diseases. It is great for the environment and the wine itself. On the palate, powdery tannins...

Scheurebe, 2017, Soral, AOC Genève

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Price 28.00 CHF

This Scheurebe of Stéphane Dupraz in Soral is an amazing wine. Subtle fragrances immediately explode just after opening the wine. On the nose it is perfumed with passion fruit, lychee and rose. It is a great wine of discovery, passion and adventure. This is a fabulous Scheurebe. Can be served with seafood, lobster, fish or foie gras. Bottle - 75 cl

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En Bayel, Chasselas, 2017, Grand Cru, Féchy, AOC- La Côte

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The Chasselas en Bayel Féchy Grand Cru originates from the terroir in Bayel, above the vineyards of Féchy, the region of La Côte in Vaud. The limestone soil with a lumpy structure composed of micas and quartz the grape grows in gives the wine a mineral and saline character. It is an exceptional wine that deserves to be truly appreciated. This great wine...

Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014, Satigny-Chouilly, AOC Genève

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Price 25.00 CHF

After 3 years of maturity, this Cabernet Sauvignon from Chouilly now reveals its elegant and spicy aromas. It is a Geneva wine with a great maturity, robust and tannic character. This Cabernet Sauvignon can be served for events like banquets, weddings or baptisms. This Cabernet Sauvignon from Geneva has been aged for many months in oak barrels with a lot...

Merlot Blanc
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Cana, Merlot blanc et Sauvignon, 2017, Sopraceneri, Monte Carasso (TI), IGP, Suisse Italienne

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This Merlot Blanc is actually a red Merlot vinified in white. It is a dry wine, very slightly fruity with light notes of lime, which marries beautifully with an afterwork cocktail-. This Merlot is mix with Sauvignon Soyhières, a white grape resistant to grape diseases. This mix reduces wine treatment and thus preserves the environment. In vogue in the...