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Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014, Satigny-Chouilly, AOC Genève

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Price 25.00 CHF

After 3 years of maturity, this Cabernet Sauvignon from Chouilly now reveals its elegant and spicy aromas. It is a Geneva wine with a great maturity, robust and tannic character. This Cabernet Sauvignon can be served for events like banquets, weddings or baptisms. This Cabernet Sauvignon from Geneva has been aged for many months in oak barrels with a lot...

Vieilles vignes, Gamay, 2016, Satigny-Chouilly, AOC Genève

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Price 15.00 CHF

This Gamay of Chouilly, Geneva region, is made from old vines and is appreciated at its fair value. This wine is light and fine. It is perfumed with scents of strawberry. On the palate, an easy and enjoyable proposition. It is a traditional Gamay, an authentic Gamay, a traditional authentic Geneva Gamay.Bottle - 75 cl

Garanoir, 2016, Satigny-Chouilly, AOC Genève

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Price 20.00 CHF

Garanoir of Clos du Château is simply breathtaking. Its intense blackberry taste is quite unique. This Garanoir is fresh on the palate and pleasant tannins can be also noticed. On the table, it gladly accompanies any kind of dish such as red meats or pasta. Garanoir can also be served during afterworks, as the wine is very fresh and fruity.Bottle - 75 cl

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Gamaret, 2016, Soral, AOC Genève

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Regular price 24.00 CHF Price 22.50 CHF

This Gamaret is quite exceptional. Finely perfumed with berries, plums, blackberries and even notes of fig. This prestigious wine is perfectly adapted to dinners and will embellish any event: corporate outings or afterworks, you name it. It is a surprising wine and typical of the terroirs of Geneva.Bottle - 75 cl

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Galotta, 2016, Grand Cru, Bex, AOC Chablais

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Regular price 30.50 CHF Price 29.00 CHF

The Galotta is a cross between Gamay and Anchellota – a very dark red grape that is found in the north of Italy. This Galotta has dark red color, close to a black cherry color. This wine is rich, robust and tends towards to aromas of red berries. It is full-bodied yet elegant, with a ripe core of black currant and lightly spicy. This wine will gladly...

Merlot, 2017, Grand Cru, Bex, AOC Chablais

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Price 29.00 CHF

This Merlot is a wine from the Chablais Vaudois, it comes straight from the hills of Bex. This wine is structured and somewhat fruity. On the palate, tannins remain soft and pleasant. This wine is delicate and improves in the cellar.Bottle - 75 cl

Mondeuse Noire, 2013, Grand Cru, Yvorne, AOC Chablais

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Price 28.00 CHF

Mondeuse Noire from Swiss Chablais Vaudois is a grape variety close to the Syrah. This grape variety gives an atypical full-bodied wine. Above all the wine has great potential of cellaring. It is an exceptional wine with many surprising flavors on the palate. This wine is robust and has evolved in barrels for at least 3 years. It is ripe and now gives its...