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Scheurebe, 2017, Soral, AOC Genève

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Price 28.00 CHF

This Scheurebe of Stéphane Dupraz in Soral is an amazing wine. Subtle fragrances immediately explode just after opening the wine. On the nose it is perfumed with passion fruit, lychee and rose. It is a great wine of discovery, passion and adventure. This is a fabulous Scheurebe. Can be served with seafood, lobster, fish or foie gras. Bottle - 75 cl

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Gamaret, 2016, Soral, AOC Genève

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Regular price 24.00 CHF Price 22.50 CHF

This Gamaret is quite exceptional. Finely perfumed with berries, plums, blackberries and even notes of fig. This prestigious wine is perfectly adapted to dinners and will embellish any event: corporate outings or afterworks, you name it. It is a surprising wine and typical of the terroirs of Geneva.Bottle - 75 cl

Les Bulles, 2017, Soral, AOC Genève

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Price 39.50 CHF

Les Bulles is a brut sparkling wine created with the traditional method -like in Champagne, France. Made with the red grape Pinot meunier, the wine is a “blanc de noir”. Bubbles spread out magically in glasses, the wine shows excellence in any occasion. To drink at aperitifs or events.Bottle - 75 cl

Viognier, 2016, Soral, AOC Genève

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Price 24.00 CHF

An astonishing and complex fragrance. Aromas of ripe apricot, peach, quince zest, marzipan and mango. Viognier is an excellent wine, perfectly ripe, delighting and makes any guest happy. Also recommended for evening sushi or apero-afterworks. Bottle - 75 cl