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Sauvignon blanc, 2016, Satigny-Chouilly, AOC Genève

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Price 22.00 CHF

Sauvignon blanc from Chouilly reveals many aromas on the palate, like passion fruit, mango and black currant. its finesse and length of flavor can be appreciated. Intense fruity character. Beautifully accompanies hors d'oeuvres such as foie gras or oyster trays. It is a great wine.Bottle - 75 cl

Les Bulles, 2017, Soral, AOC Genève

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Price 39.50 CHF

Les Bulles is a brut sparkling wine created with the traditional method -like in Champagne, France. Made with the red grape Pinot meunier, the wine is a “blanc de noir”. Bubbles spread out magically in glasses, the wine shows excellence in any occasion. To drink at aperitifs or events.Bottle - 75 cl

Réserve, Chasselas, 2016, Grand Cru, Yvorne, AOC Chablais

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Price 24.00 CHF

Yvorne Reserve 2016 has about 1 year of maturity. It is a beautiful wine with aromas of white flower, lemon, green apple and hazelnut. This wine has a particular finesse and softness, and is a pure marvel. It has a slight acidity with a perfect flavor on the palate. A good wine to keep and serve for aperitifs, afterworks or parties with friends.Bottle -...

Mondeuse Noire, 2013, Grand Cru, Yvorne, AOC Chablais

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Price 28.00 CHF

Mondeuse Noire from Swiss Chablais Vaudois is a grape variety close to the Syrah. This grape variety gives an atypical full-bodied wine. Above all the wine has great potential of cellaring. It is an exceptional wine with many surprising flavors on the palate. This wine is robust and has evolved in barrels for at least 3 years. It is ripe and now gives its...

Réserve Personnelle de la Famille, Chasselas, 2015, Grand Cru, Epesses, AOC Lavaux

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Price 35.00 CHF

This Epesses , a family reserve from Dubois & Fils in Epesses of the Lavaux region, is a numbered bottle, a collector’s wine. This 2015 wine has reached perfect ripeness. It exudes fresh floral aromas with hints of lemon. This wine is flexible, pleasant and well-balanced. Although perfect for large aperitifs of banquets and afterworks, it is also...

Pierre Vieille, Chasselas, 2016, Epesses, AOC Lavaux

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Price 23.00 CHF

This Saint-Saphorin Pierre Vieille comes from the vineyards of Saint-Saphorin, in the Lavaux AOC region. It is a pleasant, supple and elegant Chasselas. On the nose, a subtle bouquet with a hint white flower aroma. This wine goes perfectly with appetizers and at afterworks. Also recommended with plates of cold cheese, raclettes or cheese fondue.Bottle -...

Bel Augure, 2017, Grand Cru, Vouvry, AOC-Valais

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Price 39.00 CHF

Bel Augure is a brut sparkling wine developed in Valais at Vouvry, by a traditional method in which 3 white grapes are mixed together: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling-Sylvaner. This sparkling wine has a very fine character, its bubbles are fine and harmonious, subtle on the palate. Bel Augure is a sparkling wine to be served at events or...