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Gentil blanc, 2015, Dardagny, AOC Genève

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Price 25.00 CHF

Gentil blanc is commonly called Savagnin, Païen or Heida in Valais region. It is a white wine, dry, vigorous and with little acidity- on the palate, its flavor is like that of honey and almond. Lightly scented, this wine can be paired with a platter of fresh seafood or fish.Bottle - 75 cl

Cuvée Lui, Paien, 2016, Corin sur Sierre, AOC-Valais

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Price 32.00 CHF

This Païen wine is one of the exceptional singularities in Valais. Païen is also commonly known as Savagnin, or Heida in the Valais region. This wine is dry and lively, containing minerality and hints of peach or ripe apricot notes. This wine is well-accompanied by fresh seafood or fish. It is a great tasting wine.Bottle - 75 cl