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Our enterprise Swiss' n Wines is a small startup that concentrates its activity on proposing Swiss wines selected among the most prestigious Swiss vineyards. Its products are based on a wide selection of crus and grands crus, among most surprising grape varieties and vinified by great Swiss winemakers. Switzerland is full of unconfessed treasures, with rare grape varieties, and exceptional wine makers. Feel free to discover them with us.

From the Graubunden terroirs to the Geneva lands, through the rocky areas of Ticino or Valais, or the Vaud Riviera, we offer a magnificent selection of high quality Swiss wines. We provide only neatneat products and guarantee that our products do not transit through large industrial warehouses and that they are stored at good temperature and hygrometry, in long-life cellars, in a permanent establishment. We also offer for our customers our Wine Drive-thru-service – take-out driving service - .

Pick up of goods at our shipping platform located at 4ter Route des Jeunes, 1227 Les Acacias-Geneva. No parking fee.

On request our products can be delivered to your house via Swiss Post.

On request, we also propose tasting events for our business partners.

Good purchase and excellent tasting

Swiss 'n Wines